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Cornstarch Tableware-Box 600ml


Cornstarch Tableware-Box 600ml
28g/pcs   400pcs/CTNS

Our products are environment-friendly, non-toxic ,passing the test of the Chinese quarantine departments ,FDA and the United States Toxicological organizations NSF and was permission to the United States Market . Bio-based content tested by the United States "BETA Lab " are up 95 % .accord with international biological degradation products market access requirements. The biodegradation rate of our product passes the international compost standards of ISO14855. products can stand the temperature range form -18℃ to 120℃. Microwave oven strong file can be use within 5 minute. 95 % of our products are exported to USA, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and so on, which is high and new-tech products to take the place of PP, PE, PVC, PS non-biodegradable plastic products. It is most important way to eliminate “White pollution” and to create “green ecological environment”.

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